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Latest Track - The Light

The Light, is a powerful song crafted with the aim of raising awareness about the pressing issue of suicide among young people on a national scale. This heartfelt and emotionally charged composition reflects the inner turmoil and isolation experienced by those contemplating taking their own lives, addressing the darkness that individuals find themselves in and the light, support and hope that they can find from family, friends and others.

Through poignant verses and a moving chorus, The Light, encourages open conversations and a call to action. The strives to ignite a sense of unity and responsibility, urging listeners to be vigilant, reach out to those in need and create a safety net for young people who may be battling with suicidal thoughts.

Ultimately, The Light is a heartfelt musical plea to bring this national crisis to the forefront of our collective thoughts and inspire a movement of compassion and intervention to save young lives.

The Light

Look for a light

"Sharing our lights together, illuminating the path to hope"

The Light

Ric Haworth

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The Light (feat. DRIVE) Ric Haworth Please get behind this heartfelt song When young people are in a dark place, they need hope, help and someone to reach out to. Let them know that there is always someone carrying a light for them. They always have somewhere to turn and somebody to turn to.

All proceeds go to charity - BAGS For Strife

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Back on the road with DRIVE in 2024…kicking the dates off on 24th February on the cobbled streets back home…